FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

I have booked tickets online, what are the next steps?

After placing your order, within the next few minutes you will receive an e-mail regarding your purchase.  This is not a confirmation of the order, it only means we are handling the confirmation of your order.    Usuallly within a few hours, and no longer than one business day, you will receive your order confirmation or response e-mail.  The confirmation e-mail contains very important details and guidelines.  Please read the guidelines specified in the confirmation carefully.  If the ticket category was marked as “Immediate confirmation”, you will get the confirmation em-mail within a few minutes.  Should you have any questions or inquiries, before or after ordering, please contact us. 

Can I reach you if I have any issue?

After purchasing your ticket, you can use the emergency team hotline numbers written in the confirmation email. These numbers should be used by existing customers only for any issue or inquiry regarding the purchased tickets. The emergency team will handle immediately any issue, so you can relax and enjoy your trip. It is important to inform us ASAP about any problems with the ticket itself or its delivery. 

Our customer service department is available for you 24/7. We believe in good service and customer care!

I haven’t received an e-mail confirming my order?

You will receive an e-mail regarding your purchase request with the order number within a few minutes after the purchase. This is not a confirmation of the order, it only means we are processing and handling the confirmation of your order.  If you didn’t receive an e-mail from us, kindly check that you finished your order and the payment went through, and you didn’t make a type error in the email address. Furthermore, check your spam box. If you still don’t find it, please contact us.  If, for some reason, your payment wasn’t approved, you will see an error message that ask you to contact your credit card company. Please contact your credit card company asap. Please note that we don’t hold the prices and availability of the tickets in our website.  If the event is in less than 24 hours, please contact us.

Event postponed or cancelled?

On rare occasions, an event is postponed or cancelled. We are not committed to notify you on such change. However, if we know, we’ll inform you promptly so that you will be able to use your tickets to attend the rescheduled date (if the event was postponed). If you are not able to attend the rescheduled event we’ll do our best to offer a refund or resell your tickets (this is not guaranteed). In case the event was cancelled altogether – we’ll request a refund from the event’s organizers and in many cases such refunds are granted (view our T’s & C’s). Please note: we are bound by the event’s organizers Terms & Conditions which differs from one event to another. We’ll do our best to assist, but we cannot guarantee that.

I want to add tickets or change the ticket category?

If you would like to add tickets or change category to an existing order, please contact us.  Kindly take into consideration that all our orders are final, and though we will do our best to help you, we can’t guarantee to make the changes you ask for.

Is it possible to cancel or change my order?

Once you place your order, we immediately address our suppliers and purchases the tickets for you, with no option to cancel or change the purchase.  Therefore, all orders are binding and cannot be cancelled without our prior written approval.  If you have any problem with the Order, please contact us. You can be sure we’ll do everything we can to help.  If we manage to cancel your order, you will be charged a cancellation fee, as mentioned in our Terms and Conditions.

Why do my tickets have someone else’s name on them?

When you purchase tickets from us, you receive either paper tickets, electronic tickets (e-tickets), mobile tickets or plastic cards (season ticket or a member card).  In some cases, the name of the original purchaser of the tickets (Season / member card) may be printed on your tickets. Don’t worry! The tickets you’ll receive are valid and names do not need to match in order to enter the event.

How do I get my tickets?

Check the delivery option or options by clicking in the + icon next to each category. You will find the same info also by clicking the Buy button. There are one or two options that are available for each ticket category. Note: different categories may have various delivery options, even for the same event. Some guidelines: Usually we supply the tickets to your hotel, the night before match day. The delivery is made by local courier services. In some cases we will set a central Collection Point, usually when you arrive at the day of the match, or do not have a hotel reservation or if your hotel is out of the city. You will receive the delivery details by e-mail after your ticket is confirmed. Be sure you have the full instructions from us as to the exact location for collection, even if the collection is at the venue. We will direct you to a specific place. Additional delivery options are E-ticket, Mobile ticket and Flash Seats tickets. Home delivery is also possible for some events such as Grand Prix and Tennis tickets. Delivery information may change and we may contact you as soon as we know about it. Please be sure to check your emails from time to time even when travelling.

Should I inform the hotel about the arrival of the tickets?

It is very important that you inform your hotel. They should know you are expecting an envelope and the hotel reception must receive the delivery and sign for it.  Some guidelines:  Make sure the hotel is willing to sign and keep the envelope for you.  Make sure our team knows under which name the room was booked.  Do not mention it is sports tickets you are waiting for, to avoid theft.  We shall not be held liable in case of failed delivery due to the hotel’s refusal to accept the envelope on your behalf.

We are not planning to stay at a hotel located in the city of the event, but the only delivery option available for our ticket is hotel delivery. What can we do?

We will probably be able to provide you with an alternative solution, usually by offering a collection point at a central hotel or other central spot, especially in the following cities in which we manage most of our activity: Barcelona, Madrid, London, Manchester, Munich and Paris. For this purpose, while placing your order in our website, please add a relevant comment in the “Notes” section within the purchase page. Upon receiving your request we’ll contact you and do our best to assist. Please note, delivery fees will be charged for sending the tickets to alternative pick up spot.

What is a Mobile ticket?

A Mobile ticket is a ticket which appears on a mobile device only. That ticket has a unique bar code which will be scanned upon entrance to the venue. We’ll send you your Mobile tickets with instructions how to open an account on a special website or an app in order to see the Mobile tickets. In some cases we’ll send a screenshot of your tickets to your mobile device. A Mobile ticket can be used only with a mobile device and cannot be printed.

What is a Flash Seat ticket?

Flash Seats is a credit card based digital ticketing system that allows you to enter an event simply by showing your credit card. The credit card is used only for identification to allow you to enter to the venue Once we’ll send you Flash Seats tickets, you’ll get a notification with instruction how to register and accept the tickets. During the registration, you’ll enter your credit card details. Once at the venue you’ll present the same credit card at the entrance and get all your tickets. Flash Seats tickets can’t be printed.

What if I didn’t book any hotel yet?

If you do not have hotel details yet, you are most welcome to place your order and submit the hotel details at a later stage. In order to ensure proper delivery this must be done one week prior to the event. Our customer service team will stay in touch with you after your tickets are ordered and confirmed. Note that in some cases, and especially if the hotel is out of the city or the hotel doesn’t have an all-night reception we may change the delivery to collection, and you will be asked to reach a central Collection Point to get the tickets.

Why are tickets prices higher than their face value?

We operate with direct suppliers for most of our events however in some cases, we operate within the secondary market in which the availability of the tickets and their pricing are determined and differs by market’s supply and demand. Therefore, in high profile or sold out events it is expected that the selling price of the tickets will be much higher than their face value. In addition, Please note that in some cases we purchase the tickets at a price much higher than their face value while adding just a modest handling fee to reflect the various costs we have to obtain in order to process your order, among which: maintaining and updating our multilingual website, keeping a network of representatives and suppliers, purchasing season tickets, not to mention providing unsurpassed customer service. We do our best to keep our prices competitive while offering you a wide range of tickets accompanied by an excellent customer service.

Can you guarantee that we will sit together?

If not written differently, we are committed to seat you at least in pairs. If you are three or more, we will do our best to seat you together, but we do not guarantee it. If you are more then 2 and you MUST sit together, kindly check availability with our customer service team or place the order adding a special note, in the “Notes” field, “we must sit together”. Kindly consider that seats together may have extra cost and delay the confirmation process. If there is an extra cost we will contact you to consult. In most cases we will be able to confirm a specific request. We sometimes offer “single” tickets. They are usually cheaper, but they are what they are – single. Please note that in some stadiums (most notably Barcelona’s “Camp Nou”) seating together includes diagonal or perpendicular adjoined seats.

Where will I sit exactly?

The ticket categories we can offer are specified in each event page. If we only write “Long side” or “Short side” – it means we do not have a more precise info about your seat. We will always supply the best available tickets, but can give no specific indication or guarantee about the exact seat number. Please remember that most of the matches we sell tickets to are sold-out.